Referring Vets


London Veterinary Services offers a dedicated in-house surgical referral service for veterinary clinics across London and the South East of England, to provide improved client service and client satisfaction, as well as maintaining patient control and contact. Clients tend to want to stay local and are happy to be treated by veterinarians they know and already have a close relationship with. The mobile referral surgical service benefits both the referring clinic and client-patient relationship. Surgical fees are aimed to be affordable which allow referring veterinarians to provide a quality service and maintain close client relations.

Surgical fees are advised at the time of initial contact and case enquiry. For routine surgeries the costs will not vary, however for complicated cases (fracture repair), where implant selection or procedural costs may vary during surgery, cost estimates will be provided to be within a range and can either be discussed directly with the client on the day of surgery or advised by your clinic pre-operatively.


Excellent surgical outcomes and client satisfaction come from excellent communication and awareness of expected prognoses and complications, as well as the timely detection and intervention of problems. So even for cases where an excellent outcome may not be achievable, the patient is able to have an improved quality of life, and the client an efficient and thorough service.


London Veterinary Services aims to provide access to pre-operative advice and discussion on cases for referring veterinarians, as well as on-going support for cases which experience delayed or slow recoveries, progressive disease, or complications and late injuries. London Veterinary Services will gladly provide advice and interpretation of radiographs on an informal basis, without charge to assist referring veterinary clinics.


London Veterinary Services aims to provide a tailored service for your clinic, from a full referral consultation, surgery and client management basis, to a purely surgical service whereby the surgery is performed at the practice with no client interaction. Full assistance and support will be provided by LVS surgeons regardless of the type of service elected.