Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received...

  • I cannot recommend the service provided by James Creasey highly enough. As a visiting surgeon, he combines a first-class clinical service with all the post-op information and back up required integrating well with our vets and nursing staff. This is delivered in an easily accessible and supportive way, James is always available to discuss cases via e mail or phone and is never condescending.

    James has performed many cruciate surgeries both TPLO and TTA for us along with fracture repairs and arthrodesis. The results have been outstanding.

    Peter Busfield, Director – Ark Veterinary Centre, Colchester

  • Before Andre operated on Raffaella, other vets gave her medication for 4 years, Andre was the only vet that had the confidence to do the Teca-Total ear canal ablation, which was totally successful, she does not have a hearing problem or an eye problem, which I know can happen with this operation, we can’t thank Andre enough and have total confidence in him taking care of our animals with complete dedication, thank you.

    Mr and Mrs Hart and Raffaella

  • James has been doing surgical cases at my clinic for some 3 to 4 years. The peace of mind this service has provided is huge. Unusual soft tissue and most orthopaedic surgery is handed over to him, so we know that an experienced and skilled surgeon who does a very high volume of such procedures can achieve a good outcome with a fraction of the operating time should we attempt it. James is punctual, efficient and highly personable. I would recommend his services to any practice that wants to keep high value surgery within the practice and so avoid most surgical referrals.

    Dr John Hankinson BVSc, MRCVS, Director– John Hankinson Veterinary Clinic, London

  • I am writing this testimonial to say that we cannot recommend Andre enough. He’s carried out numerous procedures on our Pug Henry some of which have been complex procedures, but the care taken before, during and after each procedure has been nothing short of fantastic. I would highly recommend Andre as a fantastic caring Vet.

    Mr and Mrs Grant and Henry

  • We have employed the services of James Creasey for the past 2 years and are extremely happy with his work. His arthroscopy, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical expertise has enabled us to provide our clients with a professional, reliable and efficient in-clinic service for their pets that would otherwise have required referral. He works well with our vets, nurses and support colleagues and we consider him an integral part of our ‘extended’ team.

    James' also provides in-clinic consultations for clients where necessary, and discusses all procedures with the clients directly post operatively.

    In addition, James is happy to give his opinion on radiographs and case management. He always responds promptly – even when he is on holiday!

    Vets4Pets, Braintree, Essex

  • James is an outstanding orthopaedic surgeon and I would thoroughly recommend him. Having the option to use an in-house referral to an experienced surgeon is a fantastic service to be able to offer our clients. He fits in very well with our team and everyone enjoys working with him. Our clients aren’t the only ones to have benefitted, we’ve seen our revenue from orthopaedic work increase significantly since we’ve starting to work with him. Overall James has had a very positive impact on our clinic and our clients.

    Charlotte Mayne, Director – Mayne Veterinary Clinic, Colchester

  • Apart from his obvious skill perhaps the important point here is the lack of drama around a visit from James, he is booked with ease, is very approachable and is so efficient that he ties up my operating theatre and nurses for a minimum of time causing minimal disruption to my normal working day.

    Stuart De Wolf, Director- Hitchin Veterinary Surgery, Hertfordshire